To Renovate or Not to Renovate? How an Architect Can Help

Everything changes as we grow older. The home we fell in love with years ago can look humdrum and outdated. Our families grow, our tastes change and we find out about new and exciting design options.

But there are considerations. Buying a new home that satisfies all your wants and desires is one option. And it takes a good sum of money and a lot of effort.

There are financial and time considerations. Moving expenses can include realtor commissions, fees and closing costs, packing and unpacking, mover costs, changing all your contact information to your new address, maybe a longer commute to work and possibly new furniture and window coverings.

There are emotional considerations. What if you love your current neighborhood? Are you ready to give up your current location, neighbors, schools and place of worship?

The other option is home renovation. But what will that take?

An architect can help you determine all the benefits of remolding your existing home and explain:

  • How to understand general remodeling costs
  • How you can remodel your home so it will be environmentally friendly
  • Where and how you can remodel your home so it will conform to zoning requirements
  • What your house will look like after being remodeled
  • What to do to control the costs of remodeling
  • What costs to expect (architectural design, structural engineering and permit fees and demolition costs)
  • Set construction expectations and reveal unexpected risks (such as the need to replace current plumbing or wiring)