Do You Need an Architect?

Congratulations, you have a new project!

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to construct a brand new building, remodel office space or add that dream sun room on to your house, an architect can save you time and money… and make your life easier.

An architect can:

  • Give you information to clarify the entire building process (to help you see the big picture)
  • Help you define your project
  • Give you options (new construction vs. remodeling)
  • Offer a variety of suggestions to make your new space functional and comfortable
  • Provide you with an assortment of unique design and style possibilities
  • Work with you step-by-step to realize your vision
  • Provide alternatives to keep you within budget
  • Identify an estimated timeline including scheduling requirements, restraints and target completion
  • Create an environmentally friendly project (via a green, sustainable design)
  • Make your project energy efficient
  • Show you a 3D computer rendering of your design before any work begins
  • Make your life easier by working with you through the entire process and representing you when working with planning officials, material suppliers, contractors and other building specialists (on all those little details such as surveys, assessments, analyses, evaluations, specifications, clarifications, building codes, zoning laws, permits, and simply keeping the project on track…)

Do You Need An Architect? Yes! Only an architect can help you realize your unique vision, save you time and money and make the entire building process easier for you!